About the quirky wanderer.

A girl who loves long, tiring road trips.

Who finds magic in starry skies and cloud patterns

Feels free in the mountains.

Has a huge bucket list.

Adores candid , natural, real moments.

Is obsessed with rustic, ornamented doors and colorful, textured walls.

Clicks endlessly Β and stores memories in her eyes to weave stories out of them.



80 thoughts on “About the quirky wanderer.

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  2. Hi there

    I love your blog and the stories are well written. I found it from Maverickbird’s Very Inspiring Blog Award post and I’m an immediate fan and new follower.

    In a few months, my wife Diane and I are trying early retirement due to an unexpected layoff from my crappy job exactly one year ago. Since we’re both kind of young,(I am 49, Diane is 43) we chose an overseas destination because it’s more affordable.

    We love travel, want to immerse in other cultures and always had intentions of retiring young enough to experience the world while still young and fit enough to really enjoy it.

    I recently started my blog ahead of our upcoming move and populated it with stories of our transition to early retirement and previous travels to places we researched as retirement destinations. I’m constantly scouring through other blogs with similar topics looking for new friends, contacts, ideas and advice. I’d love it if you check us out at http://www.experimentalexpats.com. and give us a follow or share if you enjoy my writing.

    We’ve never visited our intended destination (Penang) so our move is a real leap of faith. Anyway, I look forward to reading a lot more of your blog and thanks for sharing !!

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    Rob and Diane

    1. Hello!
      Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking out the time to read my posts and appreciating them. I am humbled πŸ™‚

      I am happy to connect with you guys as we share a mutual interest (travel) πŸ™‚

      Would love to read your travel stories πŸ™‚

      Best regds

  3. Hello! Thank you very much for following Rusty Travel Trunk πŸ™‚ I look forward to checking out your blog here, especially that huge bucket list you mention as I have a huge one, too!

  4. Divsi….just love your pics and awesome blogs….u have clicked some really stunning pics and have got a really nice gallery…..fan of urs…@devforu007

  5. It’s very interesting how you view the world. India tends to be a fascinating place, so has it been for thousands of years, This is the only country in the world that has preserved its ancient religion more or less in tact. Everything in India-meaning the religion-gets its roots for the vedas. And if you look very closely it can blow your mind. It is the source of so many things in the world, thats putting it mildly. Invaders and empires that came to India came to rule and change, they may have ruled but never changed it. In fact they were changed in the process.

    Splendid photographs by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed them…Thanks!!!

  6. Finally we met in person and what a small world it is indeed!!! Enjoy your travels wherever the road leads you and hope to see many more exotic doors open in your journey in life!!!

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  11. I am very impressed with the content of this blog. While capturing the beauty and timelessness of these places, the Quirky Wanderer is also able to provide the information and stories behind it all to kindle the curiosity of the reader. I hope to continue being a supportive follower of this photographic documentation.
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