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Kinner camps and the beauty of Sangla

I woke up to the whiff of a freshly baked cake.But I was at the Kinner camps in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh and this was definitely a hallucination ( err what…
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Flying Air Arabia : Mumbai to Sharjah

We were on the runaway. Seated in an Air Arabia plane, Sharjah bound, I looked out at the flickering lights of the air wing. This was my 4th trip of…
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Tata Tigor: the Quirky Styleback

The Quirky Wanderer absolutely loves road trips. There isn’t a greater joy than planning a road trip from scratch and exploring your country at your own pace and comfort. For…
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Exploring Kalpa with The Grand Shamba La

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam Be it ever so humble there is no place like home"     Of all the umpteen things travel teaches you, making…
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Reliving The Jungle book at Kanha National Park

At 6.30 am, the jungles of Kanha were buzzing with activity. Sunlight rose steadily, filtering itself through the tall Sal trees and diverged in all possible directions. Dusty, serpentine paths…
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Affimity: Interest based Social Networking

Almost a decade ago, I create my first blog. Something that started off as a random hobby, opened doors to a whole new world of digital writing. Back then, social…
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