The Women of India Series #3

Manali is home to umpteen Buddhist Monasteries. Seeing my enthusiasm to visit them ,the server at my hotel said ” why don’t you visit the Nyingmapa Buddist Monastery. Its just 15 minutes away”. Excited, I left only to find that the 15 minutes was an hour and half and the mountain road narrowed and narrowed and reached a tiny stretch ( wide enough to accommodate just one vehicle). I looked down and tried to spot my hotel in the teeny weeny matchbox sized houses.

On reaching the monastery,I learnt it was a monastery only for Buddhist nuns. And when I expressed my desire to meet some of them, they humbly agreed.

I asked for permission to click. There was laughter. Some shied away. Some said why would you want to click bald nuns.

While one of them laughed and said I don’t look nice, I clicked.

Beauty has nothing to do with baldness.

It has to do with smiles. Pure. Genuine. Smiles.



10 thoughts on “The Women of India Series #3

  1. I visited KEYLONG actually, its 6 hours ahead of Manali.. I found so many buddhist monks there too. They are actually very much shy and cemara conscious guys. Seeing your post, my memories of there refreshed..

  2. Don’t know which one I like most…the click or your words…. you’re so right, beauty has nothing to do with baldness…it resides in the mind and reflects through a pure, golden smile… 🙂

    A nice series you’ve started..waiting for more…

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