Himachal Diaries: The school kids who refused to attend the assembly

Himachal is where I have spent almost all my summer vacations. My grandparents lived in a tiny town, nestled in the hills in the district Sirmour.

Whenever I visit the state, childhood memories are rekindled. Mountains enveloping huge, dry riverbeds, Yamuna glistening and flowing over the rocks and a 10 year old me walking with Grand dad!

During my visit to Manali, I met this super cute bunch of kids, who were so distracted with this photoshoot that their teachers had a tough time getting them back into the morning assembly line 🙂

The gang!

They scattered all around: Some climbed the steps behind the school, some ran off to the playground: Innocence at its best!

Finally the teacher, who was tired of ringing the bell came to me and said earnestly , “please come after school”.

I told her I would return with chocolates and I did. They in turn rewarded me with these precious , priceless smiles.

I wanted to kidnap the one in the middle and take her home!


full concentration towards the KitKat 😀
ain’t I pretty?

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