Aloft Hotels Bengaluru: Quirkyness at its best!

The quirky wanderer was in Bengaluru last weekend for Project Aloft Star’s Grand Finale ( to know more about the music event click here.)

The event was hosted in Aloft Cessna Park, Bengaluru , of Starwood chain of Hotels.

What instantly attracted the arty side of me was the funky decor at the hotel. The ambience is certainly not the stereotype, conventional (Read: Boring!) types that you usually see in Business hotels.

Every corner has been done up in a peppy way that lifts your mood instantly.

Some postcards from the stay.

Vibrant seating in the lobby area of each floor.
Jelly fish Painted on the walls!
Colourful Bean bags in the corridors!
The greens and the blues!
Some more colors!

The Hotel has a multi cuisine restaurant Nook. The interiors of Nook are no exception to the funky pattern followed by the rest of the hotel.


Adorned in green upholstery , the ambience is fresh and lively.


Enough of the arty ambience rants, lets move to Food πŸ™‚

Sharing some delicious delights offered by Chef Luthra and his wonderful team, who cater to your preferences (however fussy you are! :p )

Warning: Dessert spam alert πŸ™‚

Crumbled beauty.
The chocolate army!
Where have the pieces vanished? πŸ™‚
Some more sugar! πŸ™‚
These pink beauties! Macaroons over mango truffle!
Theres always a Yes for Tiramisu!

The hotel also has an open Bar W XYZ:


My two cents on the hotel:

1. Food : 4/5 (extra brownie points for their masala tea! )

2. Rooms: 4/5 : Spacious and extremely comfortable ( wonder why they chose to keep the wash basin right next to the entrance though!)

3. Service: 5/5 :Service at Nook as well as the reception was commendable! ( Room service did take a while, but the food made you forget about it:P )

4. Ambience: FULLMARKS! πŸ™‚

The property is new and will have another restaurant (open air ) opening soon on the second floor.

coming soon!

The Hotel is one and a half hours away from the Airport and is situated in the Cessna Business Park.

P.S: If you ever visit the hotel do not miss the opportunity to click their arty ambience. It indeed is a treat to the eyes! πŸ™‚

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