Brij Vasundhara Resort, Goverdhan: Review

I wake up to the song of the Cuckoo. Groggy eyed I pull back the curtains and spot a peacock sashaying into the bushes.

As I rush outside my cottage I spot a dozen parrots clinging onto the water tank. The nature lover in me does an excited jig. This place is BLISS.


Brij Vasundhara is a luxury resort nestled in the pilgrimage town Goverdhan , in West Uttar Pradesh (Visited by millions for its Parikrama: Read full post here).

One usually has preconceived notions about hospitality options in pilgrimage places. The options that are thought of are either Ashrams or hotels opened by Temple Trusts. But when I entered the property at Braj Vasundhara, I was taken aback.

DSC_0147 DSC_0151

Inside the cottages.


The living room of the cottage
The living room of the cottage

Lush green gardens, a peaceful serene environment as if a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of the pilgrim crowds on the other side of the resort gate.


The complex is a great weekend retreat from Delhi ( 3 hours) and from Agra ( 90 mins). In fact it is quite a feasible option to stay as it is well connected to the following tourist places:

1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary : 45 km

2. Deeg Palace: 16 Km

3. Mathura: 20 Km

4. Agra: 90 Km

5. Delhi: 190 Km

6. Alwar, Rajasthan : 80 Kms

As I walk through the greenery , I spot a brown hare and couple of green bee eaters. The proximity to the Bharatpur Bird sanctuary is the primary reason , the resort is home to some migratory birds as well during winters.

DSC07028 DSC07035

The property has many fruit laden trees as well. I was treated to pomegranates and Mangoes!

As I converse with the resort manager I learn The resort is a trending place for destination weddings as well and they have been catering to every nitty gritty of weddings that take place here, from the stay , to the functions to the food and decor.

The cottages are spread across a sprawling , vast property where there are residential cottages for sale as well.

The resort is inclusive of modern amenities, including a luxury spa, a restaurant and a health club.

DSC_1002     DSC_0161

DSC_0867     DSC_1000

So if you thought when in Goverdhan all you will get is Kachori sabzi, you are mighty wrong!

My breakfast spread 🙂
The restaurant

And when you are actually weary of the 21 km walk , you can actually de-stress at the spa!

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DSC_0863 DSC_0847DSC_0859


One cannot help but fall in love with this place. The resort is exactly opposite to the revered Goverdhan mountain and one can see crowds of people doing the Parikrama by simply standing at the resort gate. The peace is inexplicable.


The staff is so welcoming and courteous! Everytime I say a thank you they return it with a Radhe radhe.

You see a blend of spirituality with the opulence of luxury.

When its time to leave behind the place, As i cross the gates into the frenzied noise of the crowds, I can’t help but marvel at the idea of a resort in this area. I am surely coming back.

How to get there:

The resort is 30 Km from Mathura and situated right opposite to the Goverdhan mountain.

They have one bedroom and two bedroom cottages. Prices start from Rs. 3750 onwards.

I was hosted by the Brij Vasundhara Resorts. For bookings and more information log on to Their website.

23 thoughts on “Brij Vasundhara Resort, Goverdhan: Review

  1. Count me among the ones with preconceived notions about accommodation in pilgrimage places in India! This sounds lovely!

  2. Beautiful clicks and post but I wonder why my eyes are just (no idea why) so fixated on that breakfast.. (flood here.. drooling 😀 ) Oh! And, the last fourth click is superb (yes go and check now 😛 )

  3. Looks to be quite a fantastic place to stay. Surely surprised that such a place would generally exist in places generally thronged by pilgrim crowds. As you mentioned generally such places have ashrams or hotels opened by temple trusts

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