Indigo Deli : Restaurant Review #RnMonAskMe

Two food lovers and crazy food framers decide to catch up in the busy Bandra Pali Market.

Its Vinayak’s choice.

He raves about the thin wafer crust pizzas here and I am all keen to know what the hype is all about.

Not trusting him (as usual),I scroll through my AskMe App and see if its even there on the app and if it matched his unceasing praise.

So finally the Day of Judgement arrives. Finding the restro is a breeze thanks to the App.


The deli is vibrant and buzzing with activity on a Saturday afternoon.


Thankfully there isn’t any waiting though and we get a table within a couple of minutes.( despite a non-reservation)

Being a vegetarian,I begin to sulk over the menu (seeing umpteen Non-veg options) and decide its best to ask the server to offer suggestions.

The first order was : The Deli chilly cheese toast.

A perfect blend of peppers in a creamy,gooey, melt in the mouth cheesy cheddar mix,sandwiched between brown bread andspiced up with Jalapenos.

The sandwich is grilled and has a crunchy flavour thanks to the red onions and is perfectly accompanied with boiled potatoes,tossed in herbs.


The sandwich is indeed very filling(Thanks to the burst of cheese) and is a mini-meal in itself.

Verdict: A generous 4/5. I am definitely returning for this.

This was followed by the all-so-famous wafer thin pizza.

Three Pepper and Three cheese wafer thin pizza.

An absolute D-E-L-I-G-H-T! Beats all the thin crust pizzas I have eaten till date.

Now I know why this guy is all bonkers over this pizza.

I am a pepper fan and this pizza doesn’t disappoint at all. A liberal use of peppers and smoked mozzarella cheese,garnished with black olives and seasoned with basil leaves.


Not too tangy, not too spicy,smoked perfectly.The wood fire smell isn’t overbearing and doesn’t kill your appetite.

The CRUST is winner here.Crisped till perfection.

Verdict: A definite 5/5!

The meals were downed with a Kiwi-Orange and Lemon fresh pressed juice.

This was strictly average.The Juice was blended with crushed mint leaves which did not blend well with the main ingredients and they were overbearing, ruining the taste of the juice.

Verdict: A 2/5! ( Two points strictly for the kiwi seeds)

And last but not least,the icing on the cake(literally!) was the Hazelnut mousse cake.

A melt in the mouth desert with crisp and crunchy almonds on the top,coated with caramel, followed with delectable layers of hazelnut mousse.


Not too sweet.Not too heavy.

Verdict: Another 5/5! ( The almonds do the trick!)

A word about the breads:


The flavoured dough sticks with the beetroot hummus is an extremely yum accompaniment to your meal.

Their in-house mustard spread is worth a try too.

To sum it up:

Food (veg): 4/5


Ambience: 3.5/5

Round seating arrangements, warmly lit, very chic and contemporary.

Two sections.The open air is right next to the main road,but the inner section is far more cosier.


Service: 5/5

A special thumbs up to the service!

Extremely Prompt. Courteous and very helpful!

Value for money: 4/5

A tad bit expensive,yes, but at least you will not be cribbing at the end of the meal.

Daily special menus: They have daily menus with their specials for the day.


All in all a great culinary experience.

Highly recommended!

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