The Joy of designing Vacation homes

When I was a kid, I always wanted to stay in a treehouse. Growing up on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five was reason enough for me to fantasize a vacation, cuddled in a treehouse with books and candies.

Photo source: Kabaz/homify

Waking up to the song of birds and the glittering dance of colorful butterflies flitting in and out.

And then years later, I realized if not a treehouse, one could still have the joys of a small, yet endearing vacation house right in the lap of nature. Imagine waking up to a dozen parrots on your window and a bunch of peacocks dancing in the garden facing your home.

So when I finally got a vacation home,my mind was buzzing with ideas to design it in a quirky way.

Vacation homes are retreats from our busy,mundane city lives.

They offer the necessary peace and comfort of one’s own pad at the same time providing a welcome break from urban chaos.

But the real challenge in doing up these homes is to choose a creative layout.

The idea is to kick back, relax and unwind within four walls.

Here are a few ideas for your home away from home that can inspire you to design it creatively

1. Try to avoid keeping a television.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

It actually helps! The whole point of a vacation is to be outdoorsy and explore the surroundings.It could be field hopping or exploring the nearby Vineyards.

2. Work on your garden furniture:

Make sure you have meals outdoor. Nothing can beat a late brunch under the country sun. You can have durable and light furniture in your garden,that can be easily lifted,set up and dismantled.

Photo source: Escala Arquitetura/homify

A tent in the backyard can work wonders for a night out under the stars!

3. French windows!

Nothing like a room with a view! Floor to ceiling windows not only provide a great connection to the outdoors but also give the living area lots of bright daylight!

photo source: Facit Homes/homify

4. Go minimalistic:

Opt for a minimal yet elegant decor for ease of cleaning.You don’t want to be holed up inside your house for the whole day cleaning around!

Photo source: Seart/homify

Keep it simple with bare minimum accessories and just the necessary furniture so your home feels airy and spacious! Space saving furniture is a smart way to make the house look larger than it really is.

5. Storage savers.

The last thing you require in your peace haven is clutter.A lot of us want to make the most out of the limited amount of space.

Creative ideas like cupboards beneath stairs,wooden stairs with drawers, sofa cum beds and bunk beds for kids will help creating extra storage, without comprising on style.

Photo source: Specht Harpman/homify

6. Open kitchens

Interactive and open kitchens are a great way to cook meals together and engage with everyone on a holiday.Preferably the open kitchen should take centre stage and being well lit will be a definite add-on.

Cristina Amaral Arquitetura e Interiores/homify

7. High ceilings

Rooms with higher roofs help the space feel airier than ever.

photo source: Ardesia Design/homify

What are your ideas of a perfect vacation home?

How have you designed your vacation homes? Would love to hear tips and inspirational ideas for your dream vacation getaway.

18 thoughts on “The Joy of designing Vacation homes

  1. No television – oh I love that idea for a vacation. I do like the minimalism as well – the less furniture and stuff the better.. You have wonderful suggestions and from the images, I conclude I don’t mind to make such vacation houses as my weekdays home 🙂

  2. I loved the piece and congrats on the vacation home.

    As for asking up to the sounds of dozen parrots, maybe you can try keeping/hanging chillies from your windows.

    I tried keeping sparrow feed which worked for a while but them pigeons started feeding from it. Sparrows also give a great melody.

  3. Oh I wish I have a house like that some day tucked away in the mountains far away from all the pollution and population :D. You have put down some lovely ways of designing a vacation home :).

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