Road tripping with ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser

There is something about road trips. About dumping your bags in a car and hitting the road. Watching fields whiz by, seeing the sky change colors, watch the landscape change as you cross so many villages.Halting for local snacks and a cup of hot ‘chai’.

What else does one need on winding roads? Perfect company perhaps?

And what better company can one have than ‘photography’ tools to capture the countless sights a road trip offers?

I am a huge fan of road trips. There is something about the uncertainty at the next bend and the spontaneity of road trips that excites me.

I am also a huge fan of cellphone photography. Yes, its true that I shoot most of my pics with my DSLR, but cell phone photography is a quick and convenient way to store memories while traveling.

On a recent road trip in Rajasthan, my travel companion was the ASUS Zen Phone 2 Laser.

So here’s a photo post of pictures clicked by me on the road trip using the ASUS Laser.


 As an excited teen,I open the package and instantly notice that the screen size of the phone is almost as big as my iPhone 6 plus.

A bigger display is always an add on for a photographer as it eases even editing processes.

The phone has 16 different modes for both day and night photography.


 The laser auto focus technology helps to focus two times faster than the traditional focus.

 Dual color real tone flash enables you to get true to life colors in your photographs. This function helped me to capture the hues of mustard fields. The yellow and green came alive perfectly in the pictures.

  The smooth curvature of the phone provides a better grip to hold the phone during motion and click.

You can’t afford to stop everywhere on a road trip.

And when you click in motion you detest a blur or a shake. The zero shutter lag in the camera is an added benefit. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring your pictures in motion are vivid and clear, with least possible blurs.

I did experience some blurs in the foreground of some photos, while the background was intact. This also depends on the speed of your vehicle.


For those who love fine details and clarity in their photos, Laser offers a super resolution mode with 4X resolution and 52 Mega Pixels.

Note: MP don’t really contribute to Image quality, but yes if you intend to take a print of your pictures or crop it to a great extent,  Megapixels do matter.

The backlight mode (Super HDR mode) helped to take all those pics taken against the sun and where natural sunlight was scarce.

A photographer, true to its name, will want a DSLR experience with the convenience of a phone. The manual mode of Laser ensures just that with Shutter speed controls, ISO settings, focus distance control and separate AE/AF points.

The day came to an end with the sun setting and it was now time to test the Low light mode. Laser’s 4X low light sensitivity helps to not just click a focused picture in low light but also ensures your photo isn’t grainy and noise levels are reduced to a great extent.

 Additionally, it has a beautification mode for instantly lightening up the pictures and a panoramic selfie mode (which I am yet to test)

The phone has been used only for photography till now. A lot more experiments are on their way. Have you used this phone? If yes, how was your experience vis-a-vis the camera and the various modes? Also, would love to hear your comments on cell phone photography!


25 thoughts on “Road tripping with ASUS Zenphone 2 Laser

  1. I’ve yet to go down the camera phone route, but they are getting so sophisticated and producing great quality pictures that I am getting very tempted. Your photographs are lovely, the quality is great really adding to the temptation of adding a camera phone to my collection.

    1. Thanks Anne 🙂 Cell phone photography is really catching up and I must admit there are times I am tempted by my cell phone to an extent where I only click with my cell and not my cam! You must definitely try your hands on this genre:)

  2. Oh I love road trips and also walking tours for this very reason. A great way to take in the sights and sounds of any city and also take some lovely pics :).

    Have heard some lovely reviews about Asus and it’s camera. Fantastic pics as always :D.

  3. I dont know when and how I missed this post of yours but anyways! OMG – Countryside and Winders captures sooooo perfectly that too with a phone! Damn good pics divsi 🙂

  4. I just love road trips and the images shared here really portrays the spirit of it 🙂

    Now a days, we could hardly make out the difference of DSLR and Smart Phone images on a computer screen, unless zoomed, right?

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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