Travel essentials: ZenPad 8.0

Traveling has been a great teacher.

While there have been so many enriching experiences during each trip, one important lesson learnt is the art of traveling light and the art of traveling smart.

While I take pride in the fact that I have finally learnt to travel light, I constantly am on a look out to update my travel check list with smarter gadgets.

This New Year, ASUS gifted me a perfect add on to my travel bag: the ZenPad 8.0

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I am never too excited with the idea of lugging around a laptop while traveling. With a camera, a huge tele lens, an iPhone for street photography, camera accessories, the idea of additional gadgets can be quite daunting.

But then there are times, when traveling and blogging are a simultaneous process.

You spent the day exploring a place, experiencing it and living it and once you are done for the day, you want to jot it down while it is still fresh in your mind.

(Typing on a phone can get quite tedious!)

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Here arose a need for a gadget that is bigger than a phone and more portable than a laptop.

The display size of 20.3 centimetres, makes the Zenpad a perfect contender for filling this space.

The large screen has an added benefit of making it easier to read blogs on the go.

There are times when work needs to be carried on trips and carrying a laptop isn’t feasible. Carried the ZenPad as a substitute for my office laptop, during a recent trip.

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And it was a perfect replacement during the trip! I tend to save up on my phone’s battery life by restricting surfing and using social media apps, but with the ZenPad, I could be connected with virtual world through social media, while on the go and use my phone for clicking and calling.

The battery of the ZenPad lasted for about 9 hours, which is fairly sufficient.

While writing and responding to mails is a breeze on cell phones these days, working on spreadsheets and documents is really not that simple.

 Zenpad offers the best of both worlds; portability of a smart phone and utility of a laptop… (well almost!)

First impressions:

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1.Sleek design: Very compact and light weight.

2.Ease of handling: Fits perfectly in my hand.

3. Helps in traveling light: Because it fits smartly in my back pack, there wasn’t ant need to carry a separate laptop bag during the trip.

4. Display size: A bigger screen enables a better viewing experience.

5. The ZenPad came with an audio cover, which helps in viewing Travel and food videos on the go.

colourful asus

While Traveling,as I research about the place, major attractions, shopping destinations, food places,I realize that using travel apps on ZenPad is so much more engaging than my cell phone.

Courtesy: It’s large screen size, punchy colours and the intuitive UI.

Though the ZenPad can double up as a smart phone, I somehow don’t fancy the idea of talking into a large screen unless I am video calling.

I have better ideas to extract the best out of my Zenpad and iPhone pair.

I find myself frantically clicking photos from the car using my phone, so the ZenPad is used for a host of other activities: using navigational apps, reading on the location, taking notes and so on.

For me, this combination of using the ZenPad and my phone works wonders while traveling.

Coming back from a trip is never complete without tons of photos on my phone. I tried using editing apps like VSCOcam on ZenPad and realised what a fabulous idea it was.

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Photography with the ZenPad: The ZenPad 8.0 comes with a 8 Mega Pixel main camera with a large aperture of f 2.0, low light mode, Manual mode and zero shutter lag for quick photos.

The ZenPad 8.0 is priced at INR 17,999 with audio cover and INR 14,999 without audio cover.

Disclaimer: The ZenPad 8.0 was sent to me for a review.The opinion is solely mine and is not influenced by the brand!


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  1. I like this idea of using a phone and phablet (phone + tablet as it is called). iPhone 6s has worked for me very well in this regard.

    Hope ASUS sends me one, so i can explore this device 🙂

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