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Almost a decade ago, I create my first blog. Something that started off as a random hobby, opened doors to a whole new world of digital writing. Back then, social networking was nothing beyond Orkut and Yahoo messenger. Blogging was new and very niche. In a way, bloggers made their own social network linking their favorite blogs to their blog. Not only it blogging open up a new literary vista for me but it also introduced me to a bunch of people with common interests, who became friends beyond blogging.

These were ‘interest group’ friends. Friends that connected over ‘common interests’, be it literature, books, poetry, travel, photography and more.

A few years later Facebook became a rage. Every photographer had a photo page. But then slowly, everything on Facebook became ‘generic’.

A friend recently quit Facebook because she felt it was too cluttered with unwanted and irrelevant things. And this is quite a common complaint. People have their feeds cluttered with things they do not wish to read or rather have no interest in.

Then came Twitter and Instagram, each connecting people to their like-minded counterparts, both being specific yet generic in their own regard.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon Affimity. A social network based on interests. This intrigued me. An interest based social network was quite a novel concept.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.46.23 PM

Once I downloaded the app, I immediately chose the channels pertaining to my interests (Travel, Food, Music, Book Club).


The app helps to generate traffic to blogs and helps you to reach out to the right audience. What’s interesting is that your feed will only show trending articles based on your particular interest. So absolutely no worries of choosing segregating articles from the clutter.

What better than connecting with like minded people who share the same passions like you do and networking with them?


Within a week of downloading the app I connected with various travel lovers who shared rich content related to travel. Social networks based on interests is definitely a revolutionary idea.

One can create channels and post curated content which would directly reach the right target audience.


Not only does this segmentation benefit bloggers but also brands, who are on the lookout for bloggers and influencers. Even non-bloggers, people who love to read about a particular genre can get filtered content. So foodies can meet fellow foodies, book lovers can connect with fellow bibliophiles and so on.


Intrigued? If you wish to explore this unique social media app, download it and do follow me and my travel stories there.

4 thoughts on “Affimity: Interest based Social Networking

  1. Interesting. Will definitely check out Affimity.

    You’re right, FB is getting generic now, and I recently learnt that Twitter is declining too. Trends evolve all the time, so we have to keep up with it 🙂

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