Tata Tigor: the Quirky Styleback

The Quirky Wanderer absolutely loves road trips. There isn’t a greater joy than planning a road trip from scratch and exploring your country at your own pace and comfort. For me, road trips are the best way to travel: across varied terrains, villages, people, cultures and landscapes. The car becomes a vital part in road trips, because it is your ‘home’ for most of the journey. And when Tata Motors invites you for a road trip to test drive the new Tigor, the invite is special.



Special because a few years ago, I was working and researching on Tata cars and this was an opportunity to be on the reviewing side.

So if you think this girl knew nothing about Diesel engines, well, think again.

After the launch of the Tiago, there was a buzz that Tata Motors will be out with a compact sedan soon, many targeting the Indian customer who is a status seeker, is socially active and seeks value in his/ her purchases.

The car was given a tagline ‘style back’ to emphasize on the ‘Style Quotient’ of the car and how impressive it’s exteriors are.

When I first saw the New Tigor parked at 1AQ, I instantly compared it to the SX4, but a closer look and the first impressions  faded in thin air.

So yes, it does have a bigger boot ( making it the perfect family travel car). Official figures claim the boot size is 420 litres.

Apart from the catchy copper colour, the exteriors of the Tigor boast of diamond cut wheels and an attractive pair of rear lamps, giving the curvy car a rear to flaunt.

The design has been spearheaded by ace Tata designer Pratap Bose and this is part of the IMPACT design module ( the same as Tiago and Hexa).

Check out the latest offering from Tata, the Tigor in this video shot by me during the launch event:

At the actual curtain raiser, the new Tigor shone in lights and assessing the exteriors became easier.

It is now I realised why the continued emphasis on style.

The boot was seamed effortlessly with the car not making it stand out separately like a few sedans I know of.

Character lines were used uniquely along the slingshot line at the sides of the car. Signature lighting was used, consisting of LED tail lamps and projector head lamps.

Besides modelling with the Tigor, I took a quick tour inside to see the styling specs in the interiors. So when Vivek claimed that the car forces you to be organised, I wondered how.

The car uses the available space in 24 utility spots with specific allocation units for various purposes.

The style quotient remains high with its black piano finish and body coloured highlights on panels.

So the car scores well on style, but what about the performance and handling?

To test drive the Tigor, a route was planned by the Tata Motors team, where participants had to drive from Hyatt Andaz to the Heritage transport museum in Haryana (over 100 kms both ways) .

This is when the very excited Shrinidhi took to the wheel while Stuti and I chose to explore the interiors of the Tigor.

While there isn’t anything about the leg space to write home about, the Infotainment system deserves a special mention. The exclusive ConnectNext touchscreen infotainment system by Harman is user friendly and very convenient. Coupled with voice recognition, where you can navigate through various modes by speaking to the panel, it ensures a smooth, hassle free drive experience.

Other highlights are the Steering mounted controls, the Park Assist with a rear parking camera and a Juke App for ensuring everyone gets to listen to their music.

With special emphasis to the quality of music, the Tigor has 8 speaker units, to ensure a fantastic music experience.

Another highlight is the fully automatic Climate control, which is a very useful feature while traveling across different climate zones.

The price of the Tigor hasn’t been revealed as yet, but I am guessing it could be in the price range of Rs.5.5 lakhs – Rs.8 lakhs (Ex Showroom , Mumbai)

The drive to the museum was in a diesel car while the return was in the Petrol. I, personally preferred the petrol over the diesel, the ride was much more smoother and less noisy in the petrol car. Thanks to the NaviMaps in the Tigor, we couldn’t lose our way even if we wanted to! 😀


The Tigor is a stylish compact sedan, ideal for the upgrading buyer.

It is a perfect travel car for the family, with a multi-usage, both city conditions and on the highway.

The enlarged boot space is an add on. The car scores on the Infotainment system and voice recognition.

Wish there was a little more leg space but then that is one trade off of being a compact sedan, with a seamlessly integrated boot.

Have you heard of the Tigor? What are your expectations from the car?

10 thoughts on “Tata Tigor: the Quirky Styleback

  1. 8 speakers?!? Last time it was space now music. Tata is just creating competition for itself in market these days i feel 😛

  2. A very nice informative review. I had been hearing a lot about Tata Tigor from past few days and was so curious to know about its pricing. And finally it is there from 4.70 Lakh.I will say a well designed budgeted Sedan by Tata for the mid section population of India.

  3. . Loved your pics and review. Tigor really got me inspired about an all women’s trip. What say – shall we do that? The drive in Petrol for me was more comfortable than diesel

  4. This is one sexy car 😉 I would love to take this for a spin ANYWHERE with my girl friends. And since I’m so short – I don’t mind that there’s not too much leg space, either!

  5. Love the look of the new Tigor (especially the colour of this one, super unusual) and it certainly looks big enough and comfortable enough for a road trip of sorts – being uncomfortable in the car is the one thing that has put me off roatripping!

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