Reasons to Visit Hong Kong this Summer

In May 2012, I had a chance to visit Hong Kong. Sadly, it coincided with the start of my career in advertising and I had to give it a miss.

Ever since, Hong Kong has been on my bucketlist and everytime I read an article on the experiences Hong Kong offers, my heart does a little guilt flip, while Hong Kong sits proudly in the list , waiting to be ticked.

A cultural extravaganza Pic credit: Discover Hong Kong

Hopefully this summer” I tell myself, sitting and wishfully planning the list of to –dos in this exciting destination. While some may like it for its glittering lights, carnivores may visit it for its delectable Asian palate.
But here are my reasons to visit Hong Kong this summer:

• The iconic Helicopter tour: flying over the Victorian harbour

Night View of the Victorian Harbour
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

So picture this: flying over glittering lights, gazing at ferries, container ships, coastal vessels and motor yachts. Now imagine doing this with the option of dining in the air. Due to a space crunch, Hong Kong decided to build skyscrapers and Look Up. In this tour, one can look down and see all these architectural marvels standing proudly in the city.


View from the top
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

• To be an honorary Panda keeper:


Be a Panda Keeper!
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong.

I LOVE PANDAS! (Who doesn’t?)
Imagine getting to be a Panda Keeper and learning how to prepare pandas’ toys and meals from experts?
At the fascinating Ocean Park, one gets to relive their ‘Panda’ dreams by getting close to the animals and becoming a kid all over again!

• Disneyland!!

No matter how old I get, Disneyland is Disneyland. Period.
What’s best, I can explore a total of seven themed lands at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is known for adding new attractions, including the recent addition of the “Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover” and the brand-new Iron Man Experience, the first- ever Marvel-themed attraction in a Disney park.
And to get the best of both worlds, one can take a ferry ride via the iconic Star Ferry to Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Magic of Disney
Pic Credits: Disneyland, Hong Kong

• To travel on the Peak Tram: the world’s steepest funicular railway:

A unique way to see the city
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

The 120 year old Peak tram is a unique way to explore the city. For the love of aerial shots and the thrill of ascents and descents, this features high on my must do list.

An exciting seven-minute journey past Central’s skyscrapers to the rooftop of Hong Kong, the Peak Tram offers photographers breathtaking cityscapes to capture and be awed. Nothing like taking this journey at sunset hours and photograph the city scenery with its 7600 skyscrapers and a magnificent harbour.

To click the British colonial architecture from a hop on and hop off bus and the iconic trams:

For the architecture lover, capturing the colonial style buildings is a definite must do. The cheapest way to do so is hopping into a double deck tram car, known locally as the Ding Ding,
In HK $ 2.30, what ever the distance, you get to witness the British architecture spread across the city on the cheapest mode of transport.

Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

Another option is the air conditioned Hop on and Hop off bus, which lets you explore the city at your own pace, giving you the flexibility to schedule your sightseeing at your own accord, with the record commentary in multiple languages as company throughout the journey.

• To cruise on the Star Ferry:

Ferries and more:
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

The Star Ferry is a 118 year old ship, on which one can get a different but a beautiful perspective on the city. From the bustling harbours to people watching on the jetty, this is one trip a daughter of a sailor wishes to undertake for her love of the sea and ships. Not to forget the National geographic rates the Star Ferry as one of the 50 places of a lifetime.

• To witness the Symphony of Lights:

The Symphony of Lights
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

Proclaimed by the Guinness book of world records as “the world’s largest permanent light and sound show”, the Symphony of Lights, which takes place every evening at 8pm atop one of rooftop bars, is a star attraction.

• To dig into Pineapple Buns:
While everyone’s favourite are the egg tarts at Tai Cheong Bakery,I plan to attack the traditional Pineapple Buns at Kam Wah Café.

Pineapple Buns Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

Fish lover’s can head to Hong Kee and Yum Kee, both of which have over 40 years’ history, with fish ball noodles being the only item on their menu or alternatively discover their very own fish ball vendor on the bustling streets of the city.

And last but not least, Dim Sums! If you did not know, Dim Sum means ‘touch your heart’.

Dim sums!
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

The go to place for Dim Sums is Lin Heung Tea House, a century-old joint that’s among the few left that still uses dim sum trolleys.

• To have a field day at the Ocean park:

Fiesta at the Ocean Park
Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

For the wildlife lover, a day at the Ocean park promises encounters with a variety of animals and marine life.
With a pavilion to view the animals and the Whiskers Harbour with kid friendly rides, this place attracts kids and adults alike. When can you encounter sea lions, penguins, Giant Pandas and dolphins all in a day?

Here’s a guide to Ocean Park by Karla Around the World!

• To be amused at the interactive 3D artwork museums:
Not a selfie person really, but interactive 3D artwork museums, filled with optical illusions and vibrant photo ops are surely my kind of a thing. From optical illusions, 3D paintings to trick eye exhibits, this museum is sure to offer art, adventure and excitement.

• Shop till I drop:

Because everyone loves shopping: Pic credits: Discover Hong Kong

I managed to get a sneak peek into what Hong Kong offers for the compulsive shopper, courtesy my sister. The things she bought were drop dead gorgeous. Hong Kong is high on style as you get the trendiest and latest fashion couture in the city. One can safely be prepared to carry an extra bag or even better, buy one there.

You might known Hong Kong as a place where one can go on a business trip, attend a conference or head out with their friends for a fun trip. But Hong Kong has all the ingredients to be the ideal family vacation.

The best ways to explore it is either through a cruise, or flying over the city or simply taking a stroll along the waterfront in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui for an even closer encounter with the city.
Another must do is to get a 360-degree view of the Victoria Harbour from the observation desk on the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building: the ICC. The deck can be reached by a high speed lift (last I took one was at the Burj Khalifa)


From amusement parks, to gastronomical delights, to fascinating museums to exciting cityscapes: Hong Kong has something for everyone.

This summer, Hong Kong celebrates 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and to celebrate this special offers are available to all Hong Kong visitors from 1st April, 2017 onwards.
So what’s your reason to visit Hong Kong?


69 thoughts on “Reasons to Visit Hong Kong this Summer

  1. Those are some amazing reasons to visit Hong Kong! It looks like the perfect city getaway with so much to do. I love the skyscrapers and the night lights! 😀 Maybe I will make it there one day. Great post, Divsi! 🙂

  2. I always wanted to visit Hong Kong and to see this huge Buddha on the top espexially! But i didn’t know that there is Disneyland as well!! That’s awesome. Did you visited it?

  3. I recently took a trip to HK. To be honest, I did not stick to the standard itinerary meant for the tourists, rather I just went with the flow – doing what I liked at that moment. I really enjoyed the ferry rides between HK Is and Kowloon. It was an authentic HK experience.

  4. I can’t get enough of Hong Kong! Have been there three times , even then it wasn’t enough to explore all. There is so much to see. Disneyland itself will take one full day.
    And I am a sucker for those skylines. Check out our photos, most of them are clicked by Vasu. 🙂

  5. I wanna be a panda keeper too…I love the sound of it. Something different. Hong Kong for me will always be special as it was my first major trip as a kid.:)

  6. I use to live in Orlando so I have made it a point to try to go to every Disney Land there is!! Hong Kong has been on my list for a little while now and hopefully towards the end of the year I can make the trip! All of these look like so much fun. Especially shopping 😉

  7. The view of Hong Kong from above is spectacular! I can’t wait to visit the big cities of Asia one day soon!

  8. I would also love to visit Hong Kong! It seems like the perfect city in which to take a helicopter tour. And the pineapple buns sound tasty. I am a Disneyphile, so Disneyland would be high on my list. I hope I get to go soon!!

  9. I had a lot of reasons to go but your post changed my first reason to visit Hong Kong – To be a Panda keeper 😀 and then visit Disney land!

  10. Perfect reasons to visit one of my favourite cities :). Did not get an oppurtunity to meet the cute pandas, perhaps it’s time to plan a trip HK so that I can tick of everything on the list. Thanks for sharing the perfect HK guide.

  11. Hong Kong was on my list but I have never given such deep thoughts on it. Actually you gave me so many reasons to move it in the top place. The helicopter tour, panda keeper, funicular tram and Disneyland sounds so much fun. the pineapple bun also looks yum.

  12. Normally I prefer historical and ancient towns, but I have to admit that Hong Kong is absolutely stunning. I really hope that I can visit one day and enjoy the great views of the skyline and of course squeeze in a visit to Disney! 🙂

    1. I am not a fan of modern cityscapes either, but with views like this, I’d definitely want to try night photography!

  13. Pineapple Buns ahhhh, I am pineapple addicted and never heard about it, should try 😀
    The city at night looks really beautiful, full of light and life. I will be there one day!!

  14. I would love to ride on the ‘ding ding’! 😀 Also the steepest tram ride is hard to give a miss. I never imagined there is so much to do see, eat etc in Hong Kong! A tiny entity in itself. The best part however are the Pandas! I freaking love them too!!

  15. Hong Kong is definitely a place I’d love to visit soon! The food, the sights, everything about it seems appealing. And living near Disneyland CA, I’d love to see theirs. I’ve taken my daughter to 2 of the Disney parks so far and hope to take her to all!

  16. I visited HK with my parents way back in 2001 and I don’t remember a thing from the above :/ … which is why I wanna go there again with my husband. All I remember is skyscrapers being built over mountains and ladies driving buses! I am so looking forward to visiting HK again later this year along with Macau, and your post has tempted me all the more.

  17. So many great reasons to visit Hong Kong. I only got to spend a day here and didn’t get to go to Disneyland. A poor life decision that I will always regret!

  18. The idea of being a Panda Keeper sounds cool. I would love to be in those shoes.
    My only experience with Hong Kong is its airport. I had to keep taking trains to reach the right terminal. 🙂

  19. I want to try Pineapple Buns as well, and yes egg tarts 😉 ! I always hear good things about Hong Kong and now your list motivates me to visit there. Hope that I can visit Hong Kong soon and go to Disney Land!

  20. I love HK! Those pineapple buns sound so good – wish I had known about them when I was there. I’ve been to HK twice now but one thing I still haven’t gotten to do is hike Lantau up to the Tian Tan Buddha. That’s definitely on the list for next time. Another thing I’d add to your list is to visit Stanley – it’s absolutely beautiful there but I would make sure the weather isn’t super hot when you go because it somehow always feels hotter at Stanley!

  21. I have visited Hong Kong back in 2011 and I can add a few more reasons to your list! HK is such a fascinating city, perfect for every type of traveler. I loved hiking up the Victoria Peak (I went the old fashioned way, on the trail). I also loved discovering little quirky places like the tea museum from Hong Kong park. And then there’s the food… Oh my, the delicious food!

  22. I’ve been dying to visit Hong Kong lately–looks like such a wonderful city! The food looks amazing and I would love to catch the light show. The Star Ferry looks like a fun time, as well!

  23. There’s so much great food in Hong Kong. The night view at Victorian Harbour is magical! You make me want to revisit!

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