A Heritage walk inside the CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) Mumbai

Sunlight poured in through the sandstone arches, falling on the vintage Minton flooring with geometrical patterns in the quiet corridors. I am standing in one of the most photographed structures in India. An iconic building, which is often seeing adorning the first frame of Bollywood movies, to showcase the entry of the hero to the city […]

Tree Appreciation Walk in Mumbai

When was the last time you hugged a tree?  Not in a forest. But in a city? When was the last time you stood under it? Not merely for shade, but to look up and appreciate it’s tiny details? Feel it’s bark, touch it’s leaves, go closer and study the creepers winding around it? And […]

What you can do in CSIA Mumbai Aiport: Visit the Jaya He GVK Museum

It was another rushed day at the Chatrapatri Shivaji International Airport (CSIA)  in Mumbai.  I was running late, as usual. Sprinting past those plush eateries and the super tempting shopping arena. I noticed a burst of colours as I rushed towards my boarding gate.  The blurry memory of colours stayed on for a long time. […]

Flying Air Arabia : Mumbai to Sharjah

We were on the runaway. Seated in an Air Arabia plane, Sharjah bound, I looked out at the flickering lights of the air wing. This was my 4th trip of the year and it was the second month of 2017. My very first time with this airline, I had my prejudices. In the cloud of […]

Graffiti and Street Art in Bandra, Mumbai

Who doesn’t like street art and painted walls with murals? Thanks to Asian Paints and Start India  and of course Mumbai Instagrammers,  I witnessed some of the finest graffiti artist’s works from around the world, during a photo walk last week. Murals painted by Daan Botlek from Netherlands, Tona from Germany, Tika ,Bond Tru Luv,  Ano […]

The Lil Flea at Bandra , Mumbai

The quirky wanderer has a fetish for certain things. Be it cloud patterns, doors, textured walls and the like. This weekend she was at The Lil Flea at Bandra. And Oh Boy! There were so many quirky things around! 🙂 An array of colours, Vibrant music, pop-up shops, photo booths and much more! The Mumbai […]

Upcoming Travel trends for the year 2019

2019 is round the corner and like every year, travel is evolving at a rate not so proportional to your follower count on Instagram. The world is opening up, technology is getting the better of us and nothing seems too far or ‘untouched’. And as the words offbeat, pristine, undiscovered are slowly getting redundant in […]