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Time traveling in Pompeii, Italy

When I ticked Italy off my bucket list, I was nothing short of elated. It was a country I dreamt of visiting as a kid. For the love of Pizzas…
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San Gimignano : where fairy tales come alive

As the bus whizzes past lush green vineyards across the Tuscan countryside, I cannot help but marvel. Low hanging clouds as if kissing the lopsided hills and vineyards scattered as…
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Blue Grotto, Capri Island: The sea cave in Italy

The sea breeze is strong and the waves lash at the edge of the jetty, where I stand watching the green waves as they shimmer in the sun. With every…
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Chef’s table at Pizza Express India

Chunks of mozzarella, romancing with juicy cherry tomatoes over a perfectly baked thin Romana crust, infused with fresh and ever so fragrant basil leaves, served with a dash of virgin…
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Thought in Tuscany,Made in India!

It was a very bright, sunny day in Tuscany.I had just walked a street which had such pretty Italian houses with quaint entrances and gorgeous flowerbeds in the windows. Sara,…
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